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Our Story

Gale Galen's vision and concept is to recreate individual style in fashion incorpoating the love of vintage and classic in the design and construction of ladies clothing.


There is a market for vintage design among our population for daywear, special occasion events such as weddings and special dinners as a result of the popularity of "vintage" amongst the celebrity population.  We see this quite often at annual Red Carpet events.  The desire to have a choice other than "off the rack" is growing, along with the knowledge that "made to order/measure" is well worth the price, especially when it is well tailored for that one person - the client requesting it.


The nostalgia associated with the classic styles of the "days gone by" is eclectic, inspiring, and fashionable all in one package.  The use of today's fabrics, incorporating the life-style demands of the environment, and personal fittings, make for a winning combination in this market and that is the market for GaleGalen.

GaleGalen is a partner in the movement that brings "art" to the creation of women's clothing. There are a trove of vintage clothing stores around the globe and that is inspiring; we aim to re-create the splendor and glamour in a made to order and bespoke manner, incorporating the classic and vintage design/detail with today's fabrics and personal fit -  creating a winning combination for our clients.  Our beginning includes two labels representing two paths to experience GaleGalen:



- GaleGalen Classic (Pink label): Targeted for the woman with distinctive taste in dress and special occasion wear that is classic with attention to beautiful detail and design - every article of clothing can be a "work of art".


- GaleGalen Vintage (Gray label): Limited production ready to wear/catalog for the woman with a point of view that is multi-faceted to match her lifestyle and schedule.  Practical fabrics and details that matter define the line. 

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